Sooni A. Clock

Because of You

I’m going to be prophetic for a minute and tell you what you did was pathetic admit it. You walked away and told her to fix it and forget it but how can she when you were like her prosthetic appendage. You’ve spent most of your life together and vowed to be there forever but then you say you found something better and now she really is gone for forever. She should have been your world you never deserved her now no one will ever get the chance to honestly show her there are better people than you in the world that could earn her. Please just tell me how you go on inside knowing that you’re the reason she died when all she needed was someone to be by her side because I guess this is just as much your fault as mine I never had the balls to say hi my name is you should be mine.  Instead I let her choose this disaster and you made her call you master.  Now no one but me will remember the look in her eyes when someone finally said will you be mine all they will remember is the way she looked divine after her last dinner.  You know she had the table set for two and I can’t believe it was all for you.  All I wanted was one more chance to tell her that it was me who deserved her and me who would never desert her, at least not the way you did.  I was the last person she called and she told me all and you know all I could do was sit there and bawl because I knew this was the last time she would ever call.  But I know how much you don’t care that she isn’t there because when she tried the phone you told her to leave you alone, that she was a pest in the air that got in caught in your hair and the only reason you noticed is because of how you couldn’t focus on your new life with your new wife. That’s what did it the way you decided to end it. You weren’t gentle you even said she was mental.  If I could I would and some say that I should have found a way to tell her she was in danger but she wouldn’t believe that it was coming from you. Now the whole world knows the truth I guess that’s why you gave this town the boot.  Now I’m the one who has to try and mend all the things you couldn’t defend.  I know now what it feels like to be at the end.


  • dusk arising

    Is this poetry or a rant?

    • Sooni A. Clock

      I like to think its more of a poetic story but to me it is poetry I wouldn't call it a rant though. I guess everything is interpreted different by different people so if you think it's a rant then to you I guess that's what it is.

    • PaParock68

      A sad story indeed, it captures the reader quickly. When told from the perspective you chose, it lends a certain credence to the telling. No matter the style it is a good read.

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