Carmine Branco

Pawns and Pieces

If only time were gentle
and given to mortal hands.
If every desire that one had
could be taken without demand.
But time and space are illusions
in some old maniacs head.
He makes the rules and toys
with us, laughing till he is red.
We try to hold our breaths and refuse
to give in to this exhausting,
universal game of chess
that we can never win.
When the rooks are dead and the towers
have all fled, leaving the queen, in a corner,
half dead, we find ourselves on the other side,
useless king, exposed on a knight's destrier.
Making fools of ourselves,
we hide in holes, but we know
we will soon be done.
In that moment, the sound hits us
like a thunderbolt and the maniac who
makes the rules comes in with a sadistic,
nasty grin, and says:
"Check mate, you lose and I win".
That's the game of life people!
Sorry, but, you cannot start again.
We are all pawns and pieces
of a random game that mankind
has failed to understand.
Since the very first time
we slammed our asses
on this pile of dust we call home,
it became, eventually, clear,
that to survive we need tongues!
Yes, as long as a horny bull's cock.
to be able to lick the "big guy's" rear end.
Now some may find it blasphemus
and other will not even care
(I don't mind either. just saying)
but after all the shit we take from life,
let me here be once and for all sincere.
I believe we should at least be given a choice.
If, to survive life, a rimjob is on course.
Allow me to chose the crack,
that i need to make moist.
With a grin, I will lick my best,
I swear, making sure
it is done to perfection.
And allow me to tell you why.
It is better for me to die happy,
licking a nice, juicy, female ass,
than to submit myself to a lifelong,
enduring torture of living pure and in chastity.

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