I am me!

Sometimes I’m sad 

And I think it’s all bad,

Sometimes I feel like nothing will get better

And the tears continue to make my face wetter.


Sometimes I’m so angry I could cry

And wish that I could die

And I use all my air to shout 

And I feel that this is all life’s about.


Sometimes I feel ugly and fat

And like I’m not all that,

And I sit all alone in my room

Overtaken by a cloud of gloom




Then I remember it isn’t all bad

And life can be rad,

So I dry my tears and smile 

And I do so for a while.


Sometimes I’m so happy I could scream

And life feels like the perfect dream,

I laugh so hard I cry 

And I feel so high I could fly.


Sometimes I feel beautiful 

And I don’t care if my belly’s a little full

And I remember I’m me 

And there’s nobody else I’d rather be.


I am happy.

I am me.




  • Stan Rodriguez

    nicely done

  • dusk arising

    A most uplifting piece. Good reading for those who are down.
    So many write about their low times on here, refreshing to see your piece.
    Great writing.

  • GON

    Right on, we are our worst critics and I think the biggest mistake we make is comparing ourselves to ideals and assuming the gap between our current self and the ideal is too far to bridge. We just have to take things step by step. Great piece.

  • Hidden

    Image, looks and appearance all shout a first impression. However, personality strikes a persona. Keep your head held high. Your appearance doesn't define your character.

  • poetboy5454

    A great hopeful piece!

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