A.H. Browning

Playing With Matches in the Garden of Eden

Prometheus found me
In the Garden of Eden
And he gave me a box of matches
He spoke of wondrous knowledge and power
We talked and laughed for over an hour
He’s such a trip; we had so much fun
In retrospect, he might have been drunk
Not that it really matters

Forty charred acres of ashes ago
This was really fascinating and cool
We used the forbidden tree for kindling…
Now it won’t matter that fruit’s so appealing
Lesson One:  Fire can be hard to control…
Hang on, God just texted me…
Apparently, I might be in some trouble here
Lesson Two:  If it’s on fire, DO NOT pick it up!!!

This is gonna end up on YouTube, I just know it


Copyright © 2018 Twenty Seventeen, LLC



  • orchidee

    A fine write Nicholas. Oh, I never knew they had texts that early! You'll set the Garden on fire. it'll burn down!

    • A.H. Browning

      Thank you very much for reading and commenting. I’ll have someone hide the matches where I can’t find them.

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