Carmine Branco


The river flows
in the land
l left behind.
From above the clouds,
it rips crystal clear
through the bedrock.
It overflows, limpid, pure,
with fury and strength.
From the core of mother earth,
it gushes, taking with its impetus
advancement, all that on
its path grows.
No mercy for creatures,
no mercy for men,
It takes what it wants,
it covers what it demands.
Such is the power
that it possesses, that
it was given glory
and adoration.
Where it passes life grows
from death as if in symbiosis.
Oh Mega Potamos,
sacred to Mephitis,
who blessed those waters
that were gifted to mortals
directly from her prolific womb,
to give life to those who show
trust in the all foreseeing
and rages death upon those
who betray the trust
of the humble seed,
I pray onto thee, oh mother
of the meek and least.
My heart is torn by powers
beyond my reach or comprehension
and my tears are killing
my starving infant soul.
I age in time as a worthless
abortion of man with pain
unbearable, as every breath
I gasp makes my life not fit
for redemption, to love
is to die of a voracious cancer.
I am but a carion waste.
Unleash the waters
to wash why whole and set me
free, to serve in front of thee.
And I may rest forever upon
the banks of thy trust and flutes of thy glory. [font=Courier New]

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