The Thief.


Through the key hole I spot this man

He’s walking around whilst drinking a dram

I will have to take it very slow

When he settles,in I go

Up to the bedroom and hide under the bed

I will have to be quiet as if I’m dead

Then when he’s asleep my work will commence 

I’m after anything with a price that’s immense 

Jewellery is the favourite and easy to sell

The household silver goes just as well

Even the cat or the family dog 

I’ll pinch anything if it’s easy to flog

But what shall I do if I get disturbed

Will I beat in his head or would that be absurd

I could do a runner and get the hell out

But what if he catches me with a great big clout

Then there’s the plod, the boys in blue

Who will chase me down and stick like glue

They will bust my ass and lock me away

I will be doing porridge day after day

Or should I think and not go in

I could walk away, free from sin

But a crook I am, simple and fair

I love the risk and the ultimate dare

I’m not a bad man by any means

The ultimate thrill is always in my dreams

Perhaps today I should have a good think

If I go in this house I will be in the clink








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