Philip Daniel Cook

Gate & Key

I walk a skeleton world.

With a key to the storm,

that'll end the war, between

the ones we call enemy.

They have their secrets,

we have ours. This is 

the silent war that has been

going on since the dawn of time.

Prime-ape, and the baboon fighting

evolution cue, launching into the crowd

don't you know every game is rigged.

It's a pinball every day!


Launching into the 'world' 

was this 'reality' I seem 

to fall deeper than usual,

is that what most mortals

call love?


The problem with 'life' as

you know it is that it's perfect

in it's flaws.


Life as you know it or so call it, 

with blind spots, at every angle 

of the camera's third eye. 

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