As I Sit Here On My Porch To Think And Light One Up,

I Start Thinking Of My Past And How Much I’ve Grown Up.  

I Was Lost In The Darkness Ever Since I Can Remember,

Found Myself At 28.. Glad I Didn’t Surrender.

I Remember When I Thought That My Life Had No Purpose,

Almost Pulling The Trigger ‘Cause I Was No Good, I Was Worthless.  

Only Reason Why Im Here Now Still Breathing And Alive,  

Were The Drugs In My Pocket Cause Instead I Chose To Get High.  

I Know That Sounds Stupid, Trust Me I Was Ashamed Myself,

Not For Choosing The Drugs, I Woulda Rather Killed Myself.  

I’m Thankful Today For Not Choosing The End,  

That’s Cuz I Heard Only One Voice, The One From My Best Friend.  

My First Love, My Go-To, My Headache And Enemy,  

The One Who Broke My Heart But Also Was There For Me.

Even Though We Didn’t Make It And Never Got To Make Things Right,  

She Saved My Life By Showing Me How To Open Up When I Write.  

It Amazes Me How Good I Am And Other People’s Reactions,

How This Became My Life, It Became My Fuckin’ Passion.

Maybe One Day When Were Over It And Wish That We Saved It,

When Life Without Each Other Is So Lonely And We Hate It,

Our Love Will Come Back Even Better, I Cant Explain It,  

My Writing Will Be The Reason Why We’ll Be Happy ‘Cause We Made It.  

Now That Im Getting My Life Together I’ve Been Having Better Days,  

Life Still Goes On Even Though We Went Our Seperate Ways.

I’m More Confident Than Ever,  

Cause My Life Is Getting Better,  

I Know How To Keep The Darkness Away And Keep It Away Forever.  

So This One’s For The Broken.. Those Who Hide All Their Pain,

Those Who Think They Might Be Going Just A Little Insane.

Those Who Weren’t Raised On Love And Wish It Was Shown,

Those Who’s Parents Split Up And Only Know A Broken Home.

This One’s For The People Who Sleep On Someone’s Sofa,

Those Who Never Got To Finish Their Highschool Diploma.

Those Who Are Getting Abused And Dont Know How To Get Help,  

Those Who Might Just Be Suffering A Little With Mental Health.

For All Of You That Dont Have Friend To Call Their Own,  

For Those Who Spend Most Of Their Time Being Alone.  

Those Who Lost It All And Almost Chose To Give Up,  

Those Who Cant Seem To Move On Cause They Lost Their First Love.  

This One’s For Those Who Cant Go A Day Without A Buzz,

Who Lost Themselves Because They Got Addicted To Drugs.

For All Of You That Only Get Dressed Up For Court,  

Those Who Came Out Gay Without Getting Their Family’s Support.  

If I Can Make It Out And Love The Things That I Do,  

Feeling Happy With Myself Than So Can You.  

Please Don’t Give Up,  

I Know That Life Has Been Rough,  

I Know What It’s Like To Give And Give Till You Had Enough.

If You’re Ever Feeling Down Or Might Not Be Feeling Well,  

You Can Always Read My Writing, I Promise It Will Help.  

I’m Still Fighting My Battles But I Have Them In Order,  

I’ll Be Here To Help You Fight Yours, I’ll Be Your Biggest Supporter.        

  • Author: SLY (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 11th, 2018 12:35
  • Comment from author about the poem: I Promise Whatever You’re Going Through... It Gets Better. You Will Be Set Free.
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