Where Are They Now?

I once had,
the most known face,
in my county.
I was short and quiet.
Yet everyone knew my name.
I worked for everything I had.
I was liked and hated by many.
My peers liked how I talked.
Women liked how I dressed.
I made a name for myself.
Some still know by that name,
but where are they now.
Still, I must be honest.
I never had many friends.
There were only those,
who wanted to be around me,
so they may say,
I hung around him.
There were only a small few,
who I ignorantly thought,
were my friends,
and yet where are they now.
Since I had accepted,
Christ as my savior,
I have found,
that I have no friends.
Yet what a friend,
I have in Jesus.
I must be honest.
I have no friends,
that I know of.
No one comes to see me.
No one comes to my house.
I do not talk on the phone.
Where are they now?
Choosing Christ,
as my Lord and Ssavior,
is the best decision,
I have ever made.

I myself have only one friend in life.
Many may act like your friend but,
Where are they now?
My only true friend is Jesus Christ.
Where is He now you ask?
He is with me right now,forever and always is He by my side.
He has proven His love for me,He Died.
He died so that I may live,
Even though I have nothing to give.
He is always by my side,
He is my ride or die.

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