Jane Frye

The Wedding

The Wedding

Seven thousand steps each day,
to the rhythm of two hearts beating in perfect accord,
together you will walk.
You will wander through enchanting meadows,
full of grace and beauty,
collecting white and yellow sunburst daisies and
delicate blue delphiniums,
filling your hearts and minds with memories of
laughter and joy.
Sometimes your path will lead to majestic
mountain side that may seem steep and
but together as you climb,
you will find clusters of silvery star shaped
edelweiss and patches of white sage with
lavender flowers,
to remind you that you will never regret your
choices when made with a loving heart.
With trust and belief in each other,
you will make it to the top.
There will be times when your journey takes
you through the woods.
Although it will be dark, and you may feel lost
and scared,
you will find your way,
emerging with fists full of white dogwood and
and the knowledge that you found peace and
beauty in a most unlikely place.

Walking on together through the valleys
you will see that you have been blessed,
to witness one of God's perfect plans.
The spectacular show of black-eyed susans and
sweet williams blooming in unison, side by side,
to create a dazzling display of color and
And you will know with certainty,
that from the beginning of time,
just as the black-eyed susans and the sweet
you too, were meant to be.
No matter what paths life leads you through, there will always be flowers.

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  • Published: June 11th, 2018 12:35
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  • FineB

    Thanks Jane.

    How beautiful, enchanting and ethereal.

    I love a good wedding. I certainly enjoyed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their beautiful wedding.

    Keep writing

  • Jane Frye

    Thank you for reading my prose, and taking the time to comment. I too, enjoyed the recent Royal Wedding. Beautiful and glad it was televised. I wrote my prose for the wedding of my daughter and her husband. I looked up the symbolism for each flower, as well as where they grow, so that I found what I thought, was the perfect flower for each stanza. It was fun to write, and I learned a lot about flower symbolism.

  • Jane Frye

    Wow! Thank you Spinner. I used a book called "Secret Meanings of Flowers" by Brenda Jenkins Kleager. It is a book I keep in my library for reference. Great book to keep on hand if you like to write. Another valuable book for any writer is "The Elements of Eloquence, Secrets of the Perfect Turn of Phrase". You can download it on Audible. Well, write on!

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