Vagaries Of An Unknown Methacton High School...

Nineteen Seventy-Seven Alumni

Some conspiratorial and malevolent force
must be fast at work
cranking chronology dial
an extraterrestrial force

donning, housing, loosing,
plying, and trumpeting greater guile
then this schmart ass threadbare
stock king chap named Lisle.

Damn frightful how years
pinwheel into decades
I hate to accept reality
a half century plus ix orbitz

leaving waked webbing stirring frayed
marked age of mortal
named Matthew Scott Harris jade
did, and upon feasting

on burnt offerings in full laid
abdominal bloating,
engorging, and overly ingesting
hemlock poison eternal peace paid.

“Where fore art those
innocent and precious days of youth”?

That rhetorical question
continues to resonate

and reverberate within
(cobweb filled) catacombs of my mind
with increasing frequency thin
lee veiled as ear a coy, I feel aghast

how great intervals
where in tarred 'n feathered nation
(feel free and welcome to standing ovation -
insert and substitute

favorite expletive f**king station
without concern to conserve nor ration)
how those carefree, lackadaisical,
and leisurely days of youth
disappear in permanent killer vacation.

I daresay any satisfactory answer
can be offered dazed ape
disbelieving n'er six times decade
dirty deeds donned with cheap crape
adorning dis dude might, akin to someone

becoming inebriated
as modus operandi to escape
within darkened deathly
divine noose, hence hung
around naked necked nape.

Upon exiting broad daylight,
lifelessness ceased brown
blinking dulled glassy eyed,
relinguishing valiantly fight (yet futilely)

against sobriety nothingness lied
limp lifeless body dangled
thieving pickpockets plied
deceased individual

willingly relented sighed
no more joyfully accepted,
comforted, and emancipated
at last freedom out tortured existence
bleak house back door all wised.

No great expectations (chucked by Dickens),
but self ambivalence yawned
part and parcel
formerly reticent and withdrawn

mere wisp and writer of words,
he did seem once a pawn
to excel in various
sundry obsessive lawn

nurturing compulsive behaviors,
which most serious drawn
caper cut upon prepubescent,
his body deadly romance
with Anorexia Nervosa
almost succeeded at suicide
with bravado and brawn.



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