Walk slowly toward me babe

Walk slowly toward me baby

Walk slowly toward me babe
I want to enjoy the view
See how sexy you are
Temping my desire for you

As your body nears mine
You have my total concentration
As my body reacts
To my sexual anticipation

The shape of your body
The sensual look in your eye
The way your body moves
Making me promises tonight

The confidence in your sexuality
As you shake your hips
Makes me go crazy
For the tenderness of your lips

The sexual pull increases
With just a glance
Imagining the feel your touch
The chills as your fingers dance

No need for words
We don't have to talk
Our intentions are clear
As you do a slow walk

My heart is racing
Craving to hold you tight
As I think about you baby
Making love to you tonight

My arms reach for you
To stroke your skin
Our sexual need for each other
Means This night will never end

Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins


  • Heartwriter

    A beautiful letter of love.

  • willyweed

    looks good to me? write on ww

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