Snowflake Incorrigable

Hashtag Me Online

Notice of absence from Snowflake Incorrigable

Out in the real world they march around like angry ants

huddled masses each in their  lone planets, never seeing

eyes averted, grim faces, grimmer minds, quick steps

as if every one is searching for something lost in the wind

never seeing who's next to them, never knowing who's lost or lonely


In the subway heads are buried in broadsheets or giveaways

voices hardly rise above whispers as papers rustles in turns

a cough there, a sneeze here, doors opening, doors shutting

only the voices of kids and teenagers peel in the carriages

A pregnant lady stands, no male got up and offered her his seat

the carriage is a sealed capsule going to space and all is plugged in 


Come evenings and in slippers and comfy dressing gowns

life suddenly begins, computers fires up and every one

rushes into communities online, its facebook, its instangram

its twitter, its this and its that, virtual humanoids in virtual lands

the frustrated trolls dribbling spittle, mad eyes rolling, springs alive

their day has began as they take seats in their Office of Hate and Insanity


Hello Pippa, , hello John, hello Blanko, and the chatters begins

stories are shared, pictures downloaded, gossips do the rounds

My wife did this, that person grows okra and Mick tell of his students

you could almost hear ices clinking in glasses as if all were at a party

Troll 1 has that Posh successful lady, she serves at the cafe, in her sight

Troll 2 is after the ex who told everybody he has a little floppy dick

Troll 3  has it in for the that flashy rich black footballer with the Bentley


 tomorrow they will all go out again, wearing blank faces marching like ants

eyes down turned, muted voices and heads buried in rustling papers

Some would sneeze and some one would clear their throat loadly

Pippa may be seated next to John but neither would know each other

Bobby cancells seeing mum later, he's got to finish that Minecraft battle

Eddie retired, sits all day surfing, waiting for all his friends to come online

Whilst Sammy has started virtual sex webcaming with that Chatrulette weirdo

Human lives go on. but its in the virtual world now, minus our humanity.



  • Unsub


    They realised that religion was no longer the control mechanism it used to be so they gave us a revamped version, oh how we all thought this was the new paradise.

    Cleverst and most honest poem I've read thus far here on MPS.

    Oddly unlike the herd I'm off for a walk with the dog and I live so much on the edge, my phone isn't coming with me. The question is, can the dog and I survive an hour without this religion?

    I'm disconnecting...


  • Snowflake Incorrigable

    Thank you very much and happy worshipping on yr return.

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