Turn the clock back to 10 years ago,

A young, innocent foul

Slept whilst nightmares

Filled her head.


Ghoulish monsters chased her,

But she kept running 

And in a moment

She was back to her simple reality.


Her world was all sunshine and rainbows.

No touch of lightening or thunder.


But eventually,

The monsters caught up to her.


  • Dai\'lynn Green

    Everything was going great and something hit your surfaces. Running is something you can do. It is the easy road and it will keep you okay for a little bit. The thing is that you will have to eventually stand up to your monsters and fight them head first. You will be scared and you might get hurt but which is better, running or fighting? Answer that yourself and do great on your exams...

    • skyebellasario

      Thank you! You're so right, my life has been "perfect" for so long because I have ran from friendship problems and pushed it to the back of my mind but now all at once its all caught up with me.

      • Dai\'lynn Green

        Your welcome and I am always here if you need me...

      • DiamondDestroys

        so simple with deep meaning, i love it! i'm quessing it's about a little girl that had nightmares (dreams) and when she got older the nightmares came to life. idk, whether i got it right or not this is still an amazing poem, keep it up!

        • skyebellasario

          Thank you for the fave! And you basically got the meaning spot on, the monsters were supposed to be metaphor for troubles in life :)

        • Christina8

          Great write Skye! Hope to see more poems now that your exams are done! :-) Hope you did well!

          • skyebellasario

            Thank you Christina! My last exam is on Friday so I plan to write a lot more from then :)

          • HangingbyaHalo

            Beautiful, such a strong piece.

            • skyebellasario

              Thank you so much, for the comment and fave! :)

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