The Cycle

The water cascades down the wall,

Into the basin of the floor--

Reaching its destination before departure.

The air filled once more with life,

The gentle rising of the steam,

Condensed vapor pouring from

The barren earth below its feet.

A cycle continued through

Generation as it carves a path,

Makes what was hard, easy,

Improbable, probable and

Unattainable, within grasp.


The life of everything,

The fuel to the world's furnace.

The plaything of God's,

The conqueror of mankind.

The liquid state of God himself--

When do you sleep?


A delicate balance atop an endlessly

Growing needle ascending to the sky,

But never a drop is wasted by

Self-destruction, but influence by

Those whose greed has wrought forth

The judgement of God himself--

Ripped through the delicate balance

For self gain and proclaimed to the world--

“We can do it better.”

Simply because, we could.


  • GON

    There's a powerful message in here. I love it.

  • Snowflake Incorrigable


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