In my tiny castle

In my tiny castle
Big enough for four
You'll find the windows bolted
And bricks covering the door

The windows all blacked out
And the garden over grown
The internet cut of
And no access to a phone

The outside world forget me
And took away my door
And left me here to age and rot
In my tiny castle for four


  • Frogspoetry

    I totally relate,I am also agoraphobic,and you do totally close yourself off from others.They really don't understand unless they experience it to.we can be brutal on ourselves

    • Georgiarous101

      Glad you enjoyed my work- take care xx

    • Dai\'lynn Green

      You scared to move outside your palace because the outside world sucks. Having a connection with anyone really is too much handle. I get that in a sense but fight your way out. Do what your afraid of because it's scary. Do it to prove to yourself that your strong and to other's. Agoraphobia sucks but it's apart of you and it's up to you to change that...

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