A.H. Browning

Unexpected Aftermath

It rained on my hardened heart

After endless, unyielding drought
Therein, its scorched and barren soil
Became a muddied, desolate field

But then… the harsh and endless night
Gave way to a warm, encouraging light
And much to my arrant disbelief
  Life enduringly, intrepidly sprang forth


  • HangingbyaHalo

    Wow! This is beautiful. Amazing write. Left me feeling full of hope.

    • A.H. Browning

      Thank you for reading and for your kind works.

      I’ve experienced something, more than once in my life, that I don’t know how to put into words. This poem is a feeble attempt. I’ve observed that “life” wants to live sometimes, no matter what, even at those times when I truly did not want to exist. This desire to endure and continue during grief, loss or whatever may feel unbearable, is very bizarre and strange to experience. This desire can also be infectious, popping up when and where least expected, allowing the chance to write a new chapter in my life, if I choose to let it happen.

    • orchidee

      It raining there? You got a brolly?! Or sometimes we want to stand out in the rain, just for the feel of it. A fine write there.

      • A.H. Browning

        Thank you for reading and commenting. Much appreciated.

      • Lorna

        Good one AH - life can be snuffed out so quickly but the flip side of that is watching a seed plant itself in a crack in the sidewalk and grow!

        • A.H. Browning

          I'm a stubborn, slow learner, but you are right. I appreciate you reading and commenting.

          Kindest Regards.

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