The Man In The Truck

Everyday with nothing to do,
I walk down the street to think.
Every once in a blue moon,
I see this man parked,
on the side of the street.
Ever time, It seems as if,
he does the same old thing.
He takes his amplifier,
plugs in his microphone,
takes his Bible,
and begins to preach.
People walk by.
Some others stare,
about how can a man,
can be so bold.
How can he bear the heat,
and wear all dress clothes.
He yells, and he yells,
about Jesus Christ.
He is the only way to heaven,
but you have,
to change your life.
Yet I am the only one,
who slowly listens,
in search of God,
with plenty of questions.
It seems I am the only one,
who admires his courage,
for standing from,
an old pick-up truck,
and preaching the gospels word.

In this life we meet people of all different kinds,
If we talk to them,we never know what we will find.
We might find a friend,companion or even love,
It is all determined by God up above.
In this life we go through all kinds of tests and trials,
But a true friend,companion,or love will support us even across the miles.
God tests us to determine if we are deserving of the relationship we are in,
To see if we will stick by them through thick and thin,
And help them through any situation that they are in.
God made me and He has made you,
If you will stick by me,then I will stick by you.

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