The Things That I Do Not Miss

I do not miss,
the black bandanas.
I do not miss,
the black T-shirts.
I do not miss,
being gone Saturday nights,
and then making it to church.
I do not miss,
sleeping in drug houses,
that smelt as though death was alive.
I do not miss,
trying to avoid,
unmarked cars at night.
I do not miss,
riding in cars,
stashed with illegal drugs.
I do not miss,
opening the trunk,
and seeing it filled,
with illegal guns.
I do not miss,
staying out,
till two-o-clock at night,
In the park.
I do not miss,
not knowing,
if someone will sneak up behind me in the dark.
I do not miss,
always fighting for my spot.
I do not miss,
speaking in code,
whenever I wanted to talk.
I do not miss,
others taking advantage of me.
I do not miss,
taking advantage of others.
I do not miss,
running from the law,
at times only to get caught.
I do not miss,
putting and blaming my problems on others,
when it is really not.
I do not miss,
encouraging others,
by watching and help feeding their habit.
It came to a point,
where I cried out to God,
and said, "Lord Jesus, that's it.
I have had it".
After asking for forgivness,
and years of forgiving myself,
I now encourage others,
to go to Christ for help.

I do not miss being lone in the dark of the night,
or being the one to try to make things right.
I do not miss feeling ,oh,so alone,
I know that my own sins,I will have to atone.
I do not miss the times when I have let you down,
or the times I felt unworthy,when you didn't let me drown.
I know that,Lord,you will continue to raise me from my knees,
and kiss away these troubled memories.

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