the orange character in the sky

orange, a warm character in the summers sky
smiles proudly with nothing but light to give to the world
bold, upright, incapable of falling
everyone respects the beams strong rays
thrown out into the sometimes dark and dreary world
making your day bright, winter's bleak sky a sad comparison
filling our eyes with dreary gloom and despair
in a house on a winter's day we can bring light into our world
on the wick of a candle , comforting our minds
our sad hearts, cold hands and feet
dark and depressed, just turn to a candle or a warm soul
find solace and comfort, light
sit in the garden and smile when the sun tingles against your tired skin
orange is a strong soul, she is your friend in dark and dreary times
a flame when all is sad and cold
nothing dims the pure light or knocks her off her feet
she is unbeatable, determined, bold and energetic
the evening will arrive and shun her into the background
but you will never stop the sun from returning
even in the winter's white
she is waiting to creep silently back
through the sad shadows, surviving cold darkness and dust
it was easy to fiind her way in
orange is your best friend
and she will show herself when the timing is perfectly ripe


  • Lorna

    Phenomenal Charlotte! Wow..... just loved reading this over and over............

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