Only You

Florida you never surprise me,

and yet your words are so misleading.

You call yourself, 'The Sunshine State',

and have everyone believing,

that you shine all year around.

Yet from ten-o-clock to twelve,

you poor your rain,

before the sun comes out.

People on vacation go,

to fish in their boats,

and watch the Mangroves grow.

They know about,

the beautiful five-o-clock sunsets,

but do not know about the giant mosquitoes.

Oh Florida,

beautiful Florida,

you are the Lord's magnificent garden.

and yet your mighty hurricanes,

are but a gentle breeze,

that scatters the Lord's seeds,

to help his garden grow.

Oh Florida,

when I see the earth's beauty,

I see first only you.


  • Candlewitch


    I'm not a Christian, but I do admire and respect your personal devotion to your faith. I fell in love with Florida when I was young...Pensacola Florida, to be exact! Great poem!

    *hugs, Cat

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you. Home is where your heart is at.
      Persistence is key

    • Frogspoetry

      Great poem

    • orchidee

      A fine write Forever. I've not been to Florida - living in the UK.
      One place you never want to see is Walford. Thankfully it's a non-existent place in a UK soap serial. If you don't know it, you've not missed anything! It's pretty ghastly!ol.

      • ForeverJesus6

        It cannot be that bad. How come you do not care for it?

        • ForeverJesus6

          I would like to go somewhere in the British isles someday. They all look beautiful to me.

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