Forest music

The trees stand guard, signaling to each other as I cross their hallowed border.

Past the first contingent, the water whispers a welcome, we're old friends.

The breeze kisses my face and I stop to hug the sounds of the forest closer.

The birds twitter, sometimes they welcome, today they scold, aggravated at the intrusion.

I grin and walk on.

The squirrels scurry across the path, chattering to each other about this unwelcome visitor.

I wander into a small clearing, hoping for a glimpse of deer whose tracks I've seen on previous days.

No such luck today.

And yet, the peaceful music of the forest has once again calmed my mind.


  • tepo

    Seems done to me
    Lovely write
    Thoroughly enjoyed the stroll

    • SLR

      Thank you. It's not my usual style so I wasn't sure if it's quite done. Or if I needed to change or add something. I'm glad you enjoyed it as is.

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