chris frank

The past, the future

The girl is gone, she is a woman 

A beautiful soul for one to see

She knows her heart, the choice to make now 

The life to grow, to live, to feel 


The road she walks begins in darkness 

The sun it sets on eastern shores 

But through the dark she knows light is waiting

She knows which door will bring her prize 


She is not alone, her love he holds her 

His love so strong it will never break 

For him the journey will be longer 

But together their path ends in gold embrace 


The girl knows what is now behind her,

In front the light burns like a brilliant sun

Three words to say, the light will dart around her 

It frees their love, their lives, their dreams


The story’s end is never written

What destiny writes she can never know 

Take his hand, the heart he offers 

Choose life, choose love, be the woman of your dreams





  • SLR

    Great emotional write. I do wonder, why does she pause? Is she not sure? Is this the heartbeat between his offering love and a future together and her answer/ acceptance? Great post.

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