Silently Suffering




In my mind there is a war that most will never see,

I fight to stay above the waves,

Yet my thoughts are drowning me.

My heart says stay calm my dear,

But my head heeds not its advice,

Knowing that its will to live,

Just may not suffice.

It’s constant.

This game that they both play

I'm not sure who will win in the end,

 But I don't have the upper hand today.

I feel the pain surround me like a thousand little thorns.

I'm desperate to hold on to me...

To some resemblance of the norm.

The smile that you see today is forced through broken, shattered teeth.

I put myself in auto pilot and I'm in here fighting to get free


So if you catch the single tear as it plummets down my cheek...

Remember that though I may look strong...

All of us are weak.



  • GON

    Beautiful write. This articulated feelings I didn't know how to, and in such a poetic way. 10 outta 10.

    • HangingbyaHalo

      Thank you, I'm pleased to see this write has connected with you.

    • minak

      Wonderful read, love your style

      • HangingbyaHalo

        Thank you very much for your kind words.

      • C.N.A

        This is excellent and described exactly how i feel! I love it.

        • HangingbyaHalo

          Thank you for reading and commenting. The struggle on the inside can be quite overwhelming at times.

        • willyweed

          a wonderful piece....ww

        • skyebellasario

          Wow this is such a powerful write

          • HangingbyaHalo

            Then it adequately represents the feelings behind it. Thank you.

          • SLR

            Beautifully tragic. Speaks to me on a way too personal level. Truly Superb.

            • HangingbyaHalo

              I am flattered thank you very much. I have always wanted to be a writer but it is a scary thing to display such deep emotions to the world. it makes it easier when others relate I appreciate that.

            • Frogspoetry

              it is good for us to remember that we are all weak at times.that is what makes us seem to be a very articulate and strong person who have had some truly painful moments.hang in there,you will make it.stay strong and remember tht you are a beautiful person.there is a silver lining to everything.

              • HangingbyaHalo

                Thank you love.

                • Frogspoetry


                • _poorlyNamed

                  This is so beautiful.
                  Keep writing when your mind is attacking. Write through the pain, it may not seem to gice ease. But whatever keeps you here. Jeep doing so. Thats what keeps me going. Is writing through some really heavy things. Thank you ffor sharing apart of yourself.

                  • HangingbyaHalo

                    Thank you.
                    My pen is my greatest ally and I am forever grateful.
                    You're Welcome.

                    • _poorlyNamed

                      I feel so that so much.

                    • AmateurSomeone

                      Amazing imagery, it’s truely a talent to make someone see what you’re feeling, I love this

                      • HangingbyaHalo

                        Thank you! I appreciate the love.

                      • Jane Frye

                        I would definitely give this poem 5 stars. Very good flow, very good write, very moving.

                      • Syd

                        This is a very relatable write. Thanks for sharing.

                        - Syd

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