Where did you go? You said you would stay. Those memories were they nothing to you?

I look at them now boy was I foolish to love you. Instead of being my love  instead of being my light you were my depression my pain. My darkness. 

Now as I grow older you're getting weaker. I don't fear you. Now your my friend. As time goes so do you. As I grow so do you. 

You grow into a light that shines brighter than the beautiful full moon. Shines brighter than the light of the sun. 

Your heart once corrupt now as pure as a God. Your love as strong like a trees desire for water. Or so I was thought to believe. But I was wrong. Chance after chance you became darker and stronger. Now I sit here silent wondering what I did wrong.

I sit here wondering what ever happened to you who hurt you. What happened to the light that shined off you so gracefully. I guess like my feelings for you it just died without knowing. Now I must go don't think I'm saying goodbye. Instead I'm saying hello not to you but a better life.


  • Candlewitch

    wonderful perspective! enjoyed the read...hello and I look forward to reading more of your work!

    *hugs, Cat

    • CuriousSoul

      If you want to see my other poems search Played Like a Violin. Then Nothing But a Ruse

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