The Voices In My Head..

All I can here are the voices in my head

All they are trying to do is kill me and at this point i think should just give in

There are no tears that I shed 

Can’t control myself all I do is drink gin

Nothing in my life goes how it should 

I’m trying to stand here tall and proud 

My head is in a place that is no longer good

The voices in my head get loud

I hate my life

I just want it to all end 

at this point i should just end it all with this knife

I have tried everything even pretend

To make it all better 

But nothing in this life is meaningful enough to stay

This is my good bye letter

My head just feels like it’s a raceway

All these suicidal thoughts on my head

All these thoughts and voices are just racing around and around inside my head and i just wish it would all stop

i want my story to be spread

Don’t be sad that I’m dead

This is just how it became 

My life had nothing

I’m heading to hells flame and i have no shame

it is my time 

Please don’t send help 

It’s not worth it 

My voice isn’t worth anything not even a dime

I’m just a welp

Fuck it I quit 



  • orchidee

    I can't 'understand' this in one way, not having experienced it, or not to this degree. Writing about it can help, hopefully bringing peace to troubled mind.

  • FineB

    Hello darknessrises,

    I have worked in mental health in the past and I understand what you are going through.

    Please be strong. Stay the course with life. You are much stronger than you think.

    A deep vivid poem on your experiences.Thank you

    Keep writing

  • Candlewitch


    I can truly identify with the feelings behind this piece of work! your message is heartfelt and compelling. it is familiar territory to me. I understand because I've been there...that is now in the past due to intense therapy and a loving mate. I hope that you find your peace in life. I wish you all the best that life has to offer!

    *hugs, Cat

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