I saw the lady bring you in
Hang you above the fireplace
Is that you,old friend, Rif
Coming home to your place

After I was stolen, I thought
This house or you I'd never see
I'm happy seeing on the mantal
Is my old pal HOLY B

I heard them talking about us
Fifth generation son searching everywhere
Wanting to bring us home again
I'm so happy that he cared.

We started our lives here together
Over a 100 years ago
I to protect the flesh
You to save the soul

I recall for only hunting food or safety
Children were taught,Handle you with respect
Touch you otherwise, they'd get
A spanking on the bottom, they won't forget

do you recall the old days
When the family gathered in here
lessons, of faith, from your pages
The father read for all to hear

I wasn't just a book of faith
I also was family tree
Just as you, weren't only protection
But used to feed the family

carved into my handle
Is intials of the men's family
Your pages marriages Births, and dates
a record for all to see

The years haven't been kind
We are witnesses to our ages
Your barrel covered in rust
Me with stained and worn pages

So tell me what happened
Where have you been
What have you been doing
Since I saw you, friend

the third generation son and wife
Divorced,separating everything
I was donated to a thrift store
Then bought by a horrible human being

The whole story,the meanings of love
That everyone can make mistake
Instead he pick and choose words
Insuring my examples of understanding fake

He used me as a weapon
Against others who didn't believe
Killing in my name, then lost me
Getting away from him,I was relieved

The person that stole me
I was worried would use me for hate
Instead wanted me to protect
Him, his kids, and mate

Once there was a break-in
People threatening his family life
But they took off quickly
When confronted by your old friend Rif

All the years I've been gone
Not a bullet have I shot
His family donated me to thiftstore
Because I'm covered in wood rot

I miss the old days
When we were both in a home
Instead of now in a house
It's either you or me standing alone

why can't people realize now
We are friends not enemies
We both had our roles to do
To protect and provide for families

So while I was made to save
I was used to persecute
While you were saving lives
But made to shoot

I'm just glad to be home
Once again be safe with you
Now a days people use us
Not for our intented use.
Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

  • Author: Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 16th, 2018 03:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: In years past, people owned a rifle for protection, food, to feed the family, as people owned a BIBLE, to not only learn of the LORD, and to share faith, but also a BIBLE was used to record family tree, marriages,births,deaths, both vin same house, both passed from one generation to the next. Now the sad truth is there's one or the other, mostly not both, they are also mostly used against each other, or not for what they were originally used for. Now BIBLE, Is used in spiritual wars, and rifle used to kill, we have forgotten they use to be friends, supporting the same family, both having their role. I tried to make light of bringing these friends back together, just as friends they have nicknames, talk about old times, catch up with what is happening now, and talk about time while separate, I hope you like it and get the REASON for the poem.
  • Category: Spiritual
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