My Dad's Day

For most of my life,

I was never good to my dad.

About ninety percent of it,

was always my fault.

Because I was young,

foolish, and dumb,

and did not have the Lord,

I said some unnecessary hurtful things.

Yet my dad,

was always there for me.

He raised me right,

and went the extra mile.

He took my brother and me,

to a lot of football,

hockey, and basket ball games.

He bought me my first bike,

and taught me how to ride.

He always took us,

to the park and let us play,

until it was night.

He always stood up for us.

He even cooked once in a while.

He made sure,

we were never hungry,

and even showed me,

how to change,

spark-plugs in a car,

and then I started to grow up.

I thought only I was always right.

Still, every time,

I was stopped by the police,

or busted,

he always took my side.

He always treated,

my friends with respect,

despite the lives,

he KNEW they lived.

You thought you could hide,

something from my dad.

So when you tried to lie,

he was only disappointed.

The list goes on,

how I went against my dad,

but I eventually said,

I was sorry.

Like the prodigal son,

I apologized,

and just like that,

my dad forgave me.

For almost ten years now,

our relationship is great.

I know I am not,

a child anymore.

Still, it is better,

to apologize,

before it is to late.



  • Lalion

    Like the prodicle son... what is prodicle?

    • ForeverJesus6


      • ForeverJesus6

        I think you are missing the point of my poem, but thank for editing it for me.
        Persistence is key

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      • Gabriella

        I truly did love this!!!! I love how you added the Bible in it and the verse very well written

      • Frogspoetry

        This is a great way to honor your father.He sounds like a great guy,you are lucky.mine is the opposite.But my true Father is who counts to me.

        • ForeverJesus6

          Thank you. Usually the only time I say Father is when I am referring to God. Again, thank you for your input. Persistence is key

        • orchidee

          A fine write Forever.

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