Vow Of The Highlander (repost) by: eddy styx

Vow Of The Highlander

Howling with frustrated rage you claim personal foul against me.
Snatching up the proverbial gauntlet, you slap my face with the vile stench of your steaming words.

Decrying impropriety of conduct against you, You say you seek me out.

Seek NOT that which you do not understand for you could be so unfortunate as to find me

Mother Brigid told me about monsters like you. What she didn't tell you about; was creatures like  me.

I will eat the beating heart of you, choke up the truth, spit it back at you and watch you be  consumed by the poison of your ignorance.

Be wary of things like me for I am the shadow of your reflection, and I am staring back at you.

I watch you admiring yourself, see your ever monotonous primping and flexing vanity, adjusting the  vacuity of your predatorial grin.

Practicing your smug persona within self-appointed judicial robes, your frailty is recognized and  duly noted, You narcissistic pompous peacock.

I know your dreary desires, all your little lusting, you creature of habit and civilized habitat.

You are a mere tourist in my jungle nightmare world of "shadow-walking" reclamation. Stray you not  a toenail off the marked pathways.

Your backyard is my field of hunt. I will stalk you until I have you in my sights. Then I will not  hesitate one nanosecond.

I will take you down and enjoy the fever of your blood as I drink from your life essence source. I  would surrender to death willingly  as long as I may hold you in my loving arms for an eternity of  death. I am hatred and I have already consumed your heart.

My focused desire is to suck the very life from your mortal form and I am longing for a release  from this mortal world.

I am relentless... I am the Harvester of soul's, and I come for YOU!

*for Connor Macloud


  • Laura🌻


    This write is AMAZING and POWERFUL!

    I wish I had known about this write when I was being trolled. It is unfortunate that I did not know you then! I would’ve asked for your permission to unleash this superb write onto MY troll.

    “Practicing your smug persona within self-appointed judicial robes, your frailty is recognized and duly noted, You narcissistic pompous...”

    “I’m glad to have met you. It’s comforting to know you’re there!


    • Candlewitch

      dear Laura,

      my troll threatened to come find me ad beat the sh!t outta me! (an on-line troll) this was my response to him! c'ommon train!!! if you should ever pick up another @sshole troll, you have my permission to borrow this write 😉 thanks for your support of my poetry classy Lady!!!

      ever, eddy
      *hugs, Cat

      • Laura🌻

        My pleasure awesome Eddy!😊

      • Snowflake Incorrigable

        This is amazing, can a female with such supposedly masculine passion, were you ever in the Army, what's this man like, how did you find him. I must look for your published novels. I am humbled by your writing. Thanks for being here. well, my God!!!

        Best wishes

        • Candlewitch

          hello snowflake,

          no, I was never in the armed services, thank you for asking. I was very close to my father, who was in \"Golden Gloves\" as a middle weight. he taught me self-discipline and how to box and defend myself. he taught me many things, like how to hunt and care for a weapon. but most of all he taught me to respect life. would be honored if you looked for my books! I have a web site:
          thank you!

          ever, eddy
          *hugs, Cat

          • Snowflake Incorrigable

            Hi Candlewitch, thanks for your reply, you're quite an amazing lady, I can see where you got your masculine side from, talk about all round capability, and you write wonderfully. I am going to checkout your website and see if I can get hold of some of your works, Thanks again

            Best Wishes

          • ZIGGY

            bloody hell Cat these words are so powerful I am in awe I found my self saying as I reread this, bloody hell as I tried to quote my fav lines again and again I could not the whole piece is amazing bravo sis amazing ,,,,zigs ,,,one of your best XxX

            • Candlewitch

              dear Ziggy,

              as you know, you are one of my favorite poets, so...this is a huge compliment coming from you, and I appreciate it greatly! it is a very cold my father told me, long, long ago, "don't fight angry, keep your head and fight cold!" thanks for reading 🙂

              ever, eddy
              *hugs, Cat

            • ZIGGY

              Just read this again omg such power within your words hope we never have an argument as I would have no chance of winning it 😂,,, I just realized that I never had to offer critique on your words as its always perfect 👌,,,,,, zigs

              • Candlewitch

                dear Bro,

                I am much more gentle with loved ones whom I argue with 😉

                Steve says that my voice drops a few octaves, when I am angry, and it chills his blood, LOL! and I swear without using curse words!

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