My ears bleed to the amplifying sound of silence

I accept the coldness in my heart as a given

Into my chest a spike is forcibly driven


Hands shake as my spoken words tremble

Lost in the ether is any meaning or sense

This feeling of loss is too intense


& so the rain slowly drowns my tears

As I wander aimlessly in this desolate place

Nowhere to find shelter for my head

& so I’m left to sink instead


& so the rain slowly drowns my tears

As I wander aimlessly in this desperate space

Nowhere to find solace for my soul

So I’m left to sink in this hole


My brain pounds to the raw relentless sound of silence

I accept the coolness in my heart as a given

The pain I endure is so well hidden


Muscles ache as my throat audibly screams

Lost in the ether is any sense or meaning

This feeling of loss leaves me bleeding


& so the rain drowns my tears

But can’t disguise my enduring fears

& so I drown…aimlessly


© 2017 Unsub


  • Frogspoetry

    Very good,very real.you put into words how everyone feels at some point.whether they will admit it or not.it is part of what makes us complete.

    • Unsub


      one mistake many make is they believe I'm writing my feelings as they are now. I simply pull on previous experiences & have found the darker chapters of my life are easier to convey; although my life has had & still does have light filled days.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to read & comment on my work,


      • Frogspoetry

        I know what you mean,my darker poems are how I felt in the past also,I still do feel that way from time to time.but I'm only human.

      • Goldfinch60

        This is a wonderful write unsub.

        Although you may feel that you are drowning all you need to do is look upwards and you will see the light swim up towards that light and life will be wonderful.

        • Unsub


          a reply filled with light! Love how you turn my darker pieces into a positive.

          Thanks my friend,


        • Candlewitch

          dear Unsub,

          your words are like bottled liquid pain, slowly running down a blistered throat! few poets can communicate their emotions like you can! I crown you the "King Of Thorns"!!!

          *hugs, Cat
          ever, eddy

          • Unsub


            bottled liquid pain; from which I take a sip most days!

            thanks Sis,


          • ZIGGY

            hi ok I am going to try to give my interpretation on this one first verse your accepting the forced silence that is thrown on you this lines says it "Into my chest a spike is forcibly driven" second verse you are trembling at the loss of not been heard, third verse you have lost all hope the rain hides those tears you can't find a place for your thoughts, forth verse you are drowning in your own tears lost in a void fifth your brain and heart are battling the unwelcome silence sixth verse this verse sees the effects of your anguish clearly seen on your body that sees you bleeding final verse your sense is lost to be seen between your tears and the rain so you drown without anyone knowing

            • Unsub


              you mean my words are supposed to have a meaning? Oh dear!

              Seriously really appreciate the thought put into trying to unravel my words...are you right? Maybe!


              • ZIGGY

                hey there all words have meaning I thought lol, I guess when anybody reads a piece they try to make sense of it that is how we are wired, your more of a lyrical writer that I poet I guess at heart and sometimes I forget that and I have little knowledge of how to piece together lyrics only reading you either way my comment was just my slant on it as any comment is so just take it at face value I was just trying to give a better comment than wow fab I love it if you get me ,,,,,,,regards ,,,,,,,zigs

              • 4GetMeNot

                This is awesome but dark. Please show us the light that you go by to get you through.

                • Unsub

                  I shall indeed be posting some light filled pieces. I just prefer writing dark ones!

                  Thanks for the comment.


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