Homeless reality



I see you walk pass me
As if I'm not even there
I'm supposed to not notice
Or show that Im hurt or care

You step away, you turn your head
You wrinkle your nose, your eyes go dim
As if even acknowledging me
Is some kind of horriable sin

Let me tell you something
About the homeless on the street
It's not an easy life, being
Your victims of neglect and mistreat

A warm place is hard to find
Food is sparce to eat
But we share with one another
Protecting everyone as we sleep

Just because we've fallen
Life and hard times knocked us down
Doesn't mean we're just lazy
Or like sleeping on the ground

We are all not on drugs or drunks
Why can't you just open your eyes to see
Some of us suffer mental damage
From fighting and defending our country

I might not smell great
Im tired,My clothes worn, and torn
But I might have been this way
As I fought for the country where I'm born

So stop a minute, before you judge me
Realize some are just a paycheck away
Lost job, Hospital bills, divorce, or death
Can also take your home away

Then what will you do
What will you think
When you find yourself next to me
Begging for something to eat or drink
Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

  • Author: Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 17th, 2018 16:11
  • Comment from author about the poem: People treat homeless people badly, but think about it, JESUS, walked from place to place, hot dirty, worn clothes, our military personnel during combat, would be dirty worn clothes, hot , possible smelling badly, so why would you treat homeless like their beneath you, most didn't choose that situation, it was because of job loss, death in family, bills, physical, health, mental issue ect most anyone can be in their situation.
  • Category: Sad
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  • Snowflake Incorrigable

    Tomorrow I will give the first homeless person I see some money, thank you for a great writing and a good heart.

    • Xeson

      Thanks, I just trying writing things to open people eyes to others situation, and we should never judge we don't know their life truths and what brought them to where there at.

      • Xeson

        If you like the way I write, friend me on Facebook, I have about 300.
        Angela hutcherson-jenkins

        • Snowflake Incorrigable

          Many thanks for your response, unfortunately I am probably the only person in the world that's not on facebook, but I'll definitely follow your poems on here.
          Thanks and very best wishes.

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