Jane Frye

A Father's Day Adventure

Good god, is it Father's Day again?
I sure hope he gets the card I send.

With card in hand
I hunt down the mailman.
With urgency I pray, "Can you deliver this today?

He says "Yeah, sure, I'll get on it right away."
He rolls his eyes and makes a grimacing mouth. He walks away, heading south.

I spoke up, "If you don't mind my correction. You're going in the wrong direction."

"No-no-no" he says with a smile. "This is going to take a while."

"It first must go to the post office, and put into a truck, and then off to a processing plant."

I'm thinking, just my luck.

But, he continues with his rant, "Yes, it's so. Then it is sorted by size and shape, you know."
"Oriented, aligned and positioned."

I protest, "This such an imposition."

He continues to say, "put back in boxes to be sent away to another processing plant by truck"

I'm irritated, "This is all a muck!"

"There it gets sorted,
barcoded and then loaded on to a truck, for the next processing plant."

I sigh, "I guess I'm stuck."

Then he barked,
"There are stamps that need to be coded, and zip codes that need to be sorted, and bar codes that need to be loaded, before the letters can be afforded to the next processing plant. So, on to the truck."

"Wait a minute, wait a minute. Now I'm horror struck."

He just goes on,
"This is where the letters are weighed, ordered, and categorized. Are you following? You look anesthetized?"
"The letters are put in trays and sent on a roller coaster maze, to the truck."

"No-no. All this just to deliver a Father's Day card to Chuck?"

He goes on with a smile from ear to ear, loudly, so I'm sure to hear, "Then, and only then, can the letter be delivered by the postmen and the delivery truck."

Pleading, I try to convince him, "But my letter is not part of the normal ruck."

He continues, unmoved, "There are no exceptions, misconceptions, or interceptions."

Defeated I say, "It's okay. I won't ask any more. I'll deliver it myself.
After all, he only lives next door."



  • Jane Frye

    Thank you for reading to the end. I knew when I was writing this that some would give up on me before reaching the end of the poem. But, I had fun writing it, and I learned all about the post office. The best part of life is that there is always something new to learn, even if it is just how the post office in my town works.

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