She's The One

Somehow, in your brow, I have built a wooden house

And filled it with dreams like love and family and more

For sorrow, I send out the door to keep clean my floors


And when you speak, I can dream a happy life for me

The cadence cascades in the way I anticipate

It doesn't really matter what you say anyways


How your hips curve and dip allow me to slip

A vision of us dancing in while you're not looking

And I can't see a way to my dying day that I could lose my footing


Symmetry and grace, a pretty face is the perfect space

To feel safe, to feel warm, to hide from the storm

I've made up my mind, so you need just to conform


Because in your eyes, I've realized what I've always desired

Yet you're shocked when our gaze locks and deep in love I fall

Not for you, but those crystal balls

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