and why is my skin so important to you?


How can my tattoo be permanent,
When my skin isn’t?
And why is my skin so important to you?

When we die our skin rots
Or it is turned to dust and ash
Only our souls remain
Only what is important lasts

So while you damage and dirty your souls
With your judgement and rude remarks
My skin will reflect the beauty in my soul
And why is my skin so important to you?

  • Author: AmateurSomeone (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 18th, 2018 17:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: Unsure if this even classes as a poem, just something that’s been on my mind today
  • Category: Unclassified
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  • Frogspoetry

    Of course it classics as a poem.and it is so true too.If you are comfortable in your own skin,that is all that matters.I have multiple scars from surgeries that people comment on how terrible I look,But,it doesn't matter what they say,every scar and tattoo tells a story about a certain time in our life.they are just another part of our unique stories.

    • AmateurSomeone

      You know the perfect way to say things! I’m glad you get what I mean 🙂

      • Frogspoetry


      • GON

        I disagree that judgment rots the soul. Some judgment can be good, even social pressure that may prevent you or stop you from doing something foolish. Tattoos last for a pretty long time as far as you're concerned anyway, so I think paying close attention to exactly what you get tattooed onto yourself is probably a wise choice. That isn't to say that tattoos are inherently bad, but they're not something I feel should be considered without much thought.

        • AmateurSomeone

          I see what you mean, but personally I think each person is going to have a different opinion on how worthy a tattoo is of a place on your skin and ultimately it’s that persons choice and I don’t think other people should feel so entitled to have a say in, as I say in the poem, why would someone care so much about my skin in particular to judge me, if that makes any sense at all.
          Thanks for commenting, it’s interesting to hear things from some else’s perspective

          • GON

            Of course, I totally see your point.

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          • Snowflake Incorrigable

            If I could throw in my penny's worth, the skin could also reflect certain health issues so one could comment in that regard, also it could be a metaphorical comment, I once said some looked dark meaning her attitude but it was seen as they had gone darker complexion wise, which wasn't what I meant . I think I would err on The GON side regards this discussion and I have never really agreed with The GON before.

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