The child has a teardrop

in her eye.

She doesn't want to

say goodbye.

So, again she cries,

and it's sad,

because she thinks that

she was bad.


  • GON

    Short, simple, but effective nonetheless. I love it.

    • SLR

      Thank you.

    • Frogspoetry

      Very good,very true.I also have seen this,I am actually a product of this.I am struggling with depression,anxiety and PTSD.I am so thankful that I have God to lay my troubles upon and help me heal.not alot of people have this.and it makes me so sad to realize this,so I am doing my best that Nelly doesn't experience this.thank you SLR,great job.

      • SLR

        Thank you. I'm glad you could relate but I'm sorry that it's on such a personal level. Hugs for Nelly! 🙂 🙂

        • Frogspoetry

          I am actually grateful for my conditions,for they made me who I am today,and such a strong woman.there is a shining SON in every dark moment we experience.🕊😁💞

        • SLR

          I'm far from grateful for all my issues but i will say they've made me stronger than what I probably would have been otherwise.

        • A.H. Browning

          I meant to comment on this when I first read it. Thank you for the poem and especially your comments.

          • SLR

            Thank you, especially for reading the comment. It gives some context as to what I was thinking when I wrote the poem.

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