dream bigger

The World

Some days I feel like the world sits squarely on my shoulders, but my knees are starting to buckle. I have been strong for so long, but I'm starting to give out. I want to give up, to collapse, but who will catch the world when I fall? Who will catch me when I fall?

I desperately want that person to be you. I need that person to be you. I want to fall into your arms, while you take the world and set it aside. I want to feel small in your embrace and know that I am safe. I want to break emotionally into a million pieces. I want to feel your hand on my cheek and hear you telling me that everything will be okay. I want to feel all of the pieces fitting perfectly back together at the sound of your voice. I need you and only you, because no one else has the power to let me break and pull me back together so flawlessly. 


  • SLR

    This is true love; When you can fall apart in each other's arms and come back complete. Great emotive write.

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