At night the Strait becomes a long winding python; a snake of mis-direction

Sliding & sneaking unobserved

Twisting & coiling around silhouettes of ghosts submerged in the wash

The surge is silent; deadly yet beautifully pure

Momentarily a dim reflection from the old bridge breaks the darkness

Stillness overwhelms the wind & rustle of the overhanging trees

Waves break upon the unseen rocks protruding like a serpent’s spine

A mystical energy orbits the expanse of black liquid; magical; Satanic

The atmosphere is alive with an evil tranquillity

There is passion riding the surface

A passionate love affair where love above is quickly seduced by the death below

So many skulls form the rivers floor like a pebbled path to Hell

They stare up mocking the serene moon that knows nothing of what lies within

The python never ends; filling the Strait with its bloated body

The snake smiles with its two faces

One for the love above

The other for the wreath beneath


© 2017 Unsub


  • Goldfinch60

    What a wonderful write Unsub, I could see this journey through your night and am so glad that the love was above the wreath as love always wins.

  • Unsub


    The Menai Bridge & Strait is an amazing place; I write a lot of my poetry there; found a secluded spot; quiet & tranquil; like all my writes! 😆

    Thanks for the read.


  • Laura


    Although I’m an ophidiophobic, I am enjoying reading this metaphorically rich write!

    The names Menai Bridge & Strait I’ve heard of before.
    After I heard about them the first time from my favorite poet, I came across the two names a second time.
    A student of mine that I was tutoring had an assignment to do. He had to do a research project on puffins! As we were researching this pelagic sea bird, we learned about Puffing Island located off the eastern tip of Anglesey. We learned that the Menai Strait separates the island of Anglesey from the mainland of Wales. We saw a pic of the Menai Bridge in the daylight.
    I must say it is much more alluring in the nighttime pic! I can see the attraction it can hold for a Nyctophile!

    “The snake smiles with its two faces
    One for the love above
    The other for the wreath beneath”

    As always...


    • Unsub


      I have been to Puffin Island; amazing place; as is menai bridge & the Strait including its two bridges. i am very lucky to live here.

      Thanks for the comment,


      • Laura

        You’re welcome.
        Maybe one day I’ll visit the Island!

        Have you read any other comments?

      • SLR

        Wonderfully vivid, great, great write! If you were on MPS under a different name I would be interested to read that work too, if you don't mind giving me the name that you wrote under.

        • Unsub


          thanks for the comment.

          I am on MPS as Unsub only. Any previous profiles have been removed for good; although I shall post some of the poems previously posted; I have around 800 still to post as well as the new ones I write daily...should keep you entertained...or not!



          • SLR

            I'll be sure to read as many as I can! :-)

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