do not neglect a flower

i bought a bunch of flowers today
from a friendly florist shop
they told me to water each day
so i made my way home i trimmed the stems
trimmed with precision and care
i placed them in a vase of cold water
then i forget about the flowers
more important matters were on my mind
the puppy needed regular walks and i had a job to go to
my mind was stressed, the flowers went out of my mind

why did i pay the florist in the first place?
if only to dry out, wither and fade
why take them into my home and let them sink?
to take a hold of something or someone who needs caring
baby, puppy, flowers, hamster
it is our job to give the attention they need
care , concern and giving needs

children cannot grow and blossom confidently
if they are not treated with enough importance
what do you expect? for your kid to be happy and confident
staying upright and strong
confident, cared for and assured
do you really think your actions or lack of caring
do you really think that is ok?

lets simply not focus on the flowers at all
leave her wilting and falling
sinking to the ground
do you think that's ok, to blank a kid?
ignore the flowers shouting at you
water, feed their stems, petals starting to wilt
you do nothing and so they continue down the spiral
because apparently you have better things to do

in your mind you have prioritised the priorities
and apparently their not on the top of the list
your attention, needing care, necessities
emotional and physical needs
seriously what do you expect to happen ?
do you really think your kid will grow up confident and happy ?
do you really think that flower will grow?

have more thoughts for the flowers you decide to take home
have more thought for the kids you brought into the world
why not think a little more because being thoughtless only hurts
those you are supposed to care about
it turns around and they resent you
just think a little bit more about your actions or lack of actions
because they have damaging consequences


  • orchidee

    A fine write rose. I suppose they die off eventually because they are put in water, which is needed, and plant food to put in the water, but they have no soil to grow or continue in.

  • Heartwriter

    Well written and truthfully penned. Far too many go neglected.

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