Honey Silk


As you grow, you learn to love. 

Your love reaches farther than you know and it can be felt. 

Your love ventures to different aspects of your reality and it takes the shape of many forms. 

Your love isn't hate, it isn't bred from scorn and it does not seek to harm others because then it wouldn't be love. 

Love doesn't spread fear, it doesn't allow room for misery and it flows through all. 

Love teaches forgiveness, it shares warmth and offers company. 

Love is always near and far, romantic and platonic. 

There is so much to love that we must all come to understand, love can be born and taught. 

From love, you can learn compassion. And from compassion comes determination. 

Determination feels like a strong word but it can be as soft as freshly bloomed flower petals. 

It can show you how deep your love goes when you feel unsure about anything and everything. 

Your love can save you, others around you and plenty more. 

You just have to recognize how powerful love can be. 

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