i am the grass and i feel everything

i am the grass, sitting here passively in different shades of friendly green
i look up to the sky as that is the only view above my eyes
and i question how is my birds eye view fair
maybe i want to turn sideways, take in a different view

i grow from the soil and i shoot upwards
sometimes my surface takes footstep of someone elses shoe
and i realise i'm here for a purpose, nature in the colour green
i thrive in the spring and dry out in the strong summers sun
when it rains i'm happily hydrated

passive, strands of hair live amongst me
i am a green matt living on a solid ground
sadly and unfortunately , i too can take a battering
when the lawn mower comes to strike me down
taking segments of my grown self away from me
until i extend my length again , growing back in time

i have a haircut from a hairdresser
the pair of scissors cuts me down
their opinion is i'm too long and unruly
but what about me? maybe just maybe i like it this way?

when winter arrives i tend to freeze unhappily, strands fed up
in spring i breathe freely with a warm soft breeze floating freely through me
when summer arrives i am warmed from up above
although sometimes it's simply too hot and i ask for a break in heat

i'm just thinking to myself, maybe i am like a person
sitting outside exposed to the elements, no suntan cream , no hat, or sunglasses
umbrella is where when the rain tries to drench my skin?
a person standing, no cover in a thunderstorm
exposed to the elements

sometimes i do not mind
when the rain quenches my thirst, or the breeze whistles softly through me
the extremes i can't stand, overwhelming me
unable to gain cover when needed, i simply stand and feel everything

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