What Goes Around

Sometimes my world is right
Sometimes it's not
Hurt, anger, and bloody battles
It always ends a mess,
but it always leaves somethjng beautiful
In the clearing
I wouldn't believe you if you told me you never thought about what death was like
I have
and I get scared sometimes,
but then I remember life isn't worth living if youre scared the entire ride
and the ride isn't worth going on without being scared
If you don't have a storm you don't get a rainbow and without the storm you don't get the mess and maybe sometimes the mess is too much
A hurricane if you will
Many times it's just a storm and storms, they pass
They leave wet grounds but the grounds dry up and life goes on
Cause the trees still sway and the clouds still move
The flowers will bloom if I'm alive or not
The clarity is there if you just stop and you think
So the kids will be kids and the adults will adult
The love goes around and it's not always seen because everyone loves someone and everyone has someone who loves them
Clarity its crystal clear and clear crystals sparkle when sun shines like the star it's always been
It's not always okay
Not all the time but it will be
We will all be gone one day, time will go on,
and that's quite alright with me
Things will always turn out okay
So the clarity clears like a word on my skin and the life inside my veins
and the life in my veins is clear to me now because clarity thrives in my skin

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