A.C Doomcraft


I grow weary of the waking world
Each day equates to wasted time
Nobody informed me maturity is purely aquiescence
And We must Bear the shackles until well past our prime

Seething in the realisation that
Insight drives us to suffer blindness
Resign ourselves to ignorance
Because the sting of truth will kill our pride

Keep calm and carry on
A slogan i wish i could abide
But to cage the strain enrages
To hold within the bitter truth
Brings only pain in waves

Label the hollow to medicate
And fill with superficial notions
In hope the cattle forget the call
Purpose and fulfilment stolen

There is However one last freedom afforded
A last resort thats never applauded

if theres no choice but to back the lie
Maybe its Time I face the truth

Id rather lay dead than pretend I feel alive


  • Candlewitch


    this is a piece that inspires thought...
    well done!

    *hugs, Cat

  • Ghostwriter9273

    How this inspires me to become a better writer. A beautiful work of art!

    • A.C Doomcraft

      Thank you ghostwriter
      much appreciated
      Im not a very good writer i just have an epiphane maybe every 6 months and come up with something im passionate about good ideas are few and far between

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