The Moonbeam Man


“ Good night , sleep tight” his mother said

As Simon climbed up into bed

The door was shut and the light turned out

And the little room was dark throughout

Before his eyes there on the wall

A full moon’s silver light did fall

Simon gazed upon the wall

For Simon wasn’t tired at all


Above the stillness of the night

And coming from the silver light

He heard a tiny voice, which cried

“Simon, may I come inside?”

Simon jumped and turned his head

Towards the window by his bed

And there upon the window ledge

A sight, which set his nerves on edge


For standing there all dressed in green

A tiny man astride a pale moonbeam

“May I come in?” again it said

So Simon climbed down from his bed

And wondering if indeed he dare

He walked toward the window there

“Why do you want to come inside?”

A curious Simon then replied.


“To speak with you and seek your aid

Before the full moon’s light shall fade

I’ve come here from the distant stars

Past Vegas, Jupiter and Mars”

By now did Simon’s fears subside

And opening up the window wide

The tiny man, but inches tall

Climbed in and said, “Now I’ll tell all”


“ I live ten billion miles away

On Zigo in the Milky Way

My people soon will surely die

If you don’t with my wish comply

You see, the light this full moon’s giving

Is essential for us to go on living

We capture it throughout the year

We need it as the Earth needs air”




“How did you get here?” Simon asked

“You must have travelled very fast

To fly through all those miles of space

It must have been an awful race “

“Why yes” the tiny man replied

Astride a moonbeam did I ride

Which travelling at the speed of light

Brought me here to you this night”


“But how can I help?” Simon asked

His nervousness completely passed

The tiny man, his face all pained

Looked up to Simon and explained

“My planet Zigo has no light

Unlike the Earth, it’s never bright

Each person there lives in a cave

Our only joy, the light we save “


Then Simon said, “I still don’t see

What all this has to do with me”

“On Zigo life is misery

For we have no light and cannot see”

Then said the man so green and small

“Where is the mirror on your wall?

For once that mirror reflected light

Which made our cave so silver bright”


“Please put it back so we can see

And we’ll forever grateful be”

“Of course that’s easy”, Simon said

“I’ve got it here beneath my bed

I’ll put it back; the nail’s still there

I can reach it standing on this chair

“Ok thank you Simon, now I’ll go

For you have saved the planet Zigo”


Just then above a cloud appeared

And the moon for a moment disappeared

And looking down where the man had been

There wasn’t a trace of the man in green

And Simon knew that what he’d seen

Had just got away on the last moonbeam

And then he woke up and it was all but a dream

The little green man who rode a moonbeam


  • A.C Doomcraft

    This reminds me of stories by dr seus
    You could easily turn this into a childrens book
    your piece paints pictures in the mind
    An illustrator easily you could find
    So children can read about the moonbeam man
    And you can make some of that juicy cash
    And spend it all on cheese and wine and
    Write more books to pass the time

  • A.H. Browning

    I love this.

  • Neville

    who aint gonna love this.. no one aint that's who.. I'm sure this epic poem of yours will appeal to all those who find it .. ya made me chuckle no end... Neville

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