Sitting in an abusive men meeting
our behavior we had to reveal...
recognizing my own actions and responses
suddenly understanding how you must feel...
how I said such horrible things
how I treated you that way...
abusing the woman I truly love
saying sorry, isn't enough to say...
didn't realize my actions were abusive
not understanding how actions were cruel...
now it's too late, you left
don't blame you., I'm a fool...
even if were not a couple
your forgiveness I have to arrange...
I'll give you reason to believe
my abusive behavior has finally changed...
If I could change the past
you would of been loved with passion...
in future I'll never treat women
with angry words or abusive actions.
Written by Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins


  • Candlewitch

    good work!!!

    *hugs, Cat

    • Xeson

      Thanks, I appreciate your thoughts

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