The Days of Death

Ohh it’s been a three year long nightmare, we’ll call “The Days of Death.” Ohh can this ever end, my fellow, friend.

We wake to horror!

Now we see the evil!

Ohh End this please. I can’t take to watch that man.

Now there’s State run media. Corporats manipulated by propaganda. Deep down inside. The GOP don’t trust that man.

We wake to horror!

We now see the evil!

Ohh End this please, I can’t take to watch that man.

Power hungry men, have created a monster. Tactics used by hitler. Just one man.

People like Corcker!

flake! North east state!

Ohh please get rid of him, ohh please get rid of that man.

Now let’s end danger!

There’s an obvious warning!

Now we gotta nother song to sing. So all my brothers, and sisters we have all got to end that man.

Ohh woohoo ohh.

(Inspired obviously by “Peter, Paul, and Mary.” If I had a hammer)

Peter Sarrio


  • Ravenssongbird

    I've never seen this type before. Creative.

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