Why I Enjoy Church So Much

In my opinion,

there is nothing,

or no place,

more relaxing than church.

It does not matter,

whether it is pentecostal,

or baptist,

black, white, or spanish.

For two whole hours,

I relax and have time,

to myself.

For two whole hours,

I know that the devil,

cannot touch me.

I feel surrounded by the Lord.

It is where I want,

my nieces and nephews.

I tell them,

"If you ever forget,

where you are,

just look for a church".

Days can be very hectic,

but church is a place,

where you can meditate on God.

So whether you sing or not,

whether you give or not,

whether you dress up or not,

You can always find God in church.








  • orchidee

    A fine write Forever.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you very much. It is nice to know that some people appreciate my work.

    • Frogspoetry

      I also love your work and appreciate you very much.I personally have been to church,i wish I had,but my family doesn't believe,they say that they do but don't act like it.You know what I mean?But I stay persistant in my belief and nobody can change me,mind,body or spirit.I belong to the Lord and thats it.I am not in any relationship,except with my Lord and Savior.I love churches,they are so beautiful and peaceful and the house of the Lord.Thank you Dion for a beautiful poem.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you, I know what you mean about family. Believe me. We need to stay in the Lord.

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