She’s (Not) Enough

As she sit by her window looking up at the stars, wondering what she did so wrong. Why did he treat her this way? Why did he make her feel like she was nothing but a waste of air? As the tears roll down her face and the pain in her heart won't go away. She's thinking to herself that she's not enough. Something is wrong with her, but nothing was wrong with her. She have a big heart and a lot of love to give. But nobody understands what goes on in her head, she's trapped in a very dark place. She cry herself to sleep thinking about why she wasn't enough for anyone. She don't understand that she's worthy and that someone in the future will love her just as much she loves them. Yet she will always have the fear to open up and letting that person in. Her past always haunts her every night. The voices in her head won't go away. Telling her that she's nothing. She don't belong here. She needs to let go of everything and disappear. No one will ever love her for her. That she's just not enough for anyone. This girl just want to be happy and loved, not sad and forgotten. She's want the love that she gives in return, but that's not how life is. She's going to go through the harsh reality of life, but somewhere deep down inside she knows that something wonderful will happen. She just have to wait. And one day she will be enough for someone.


  • Sunshinefalling

    Good work. It’s a story old as time. The broken heart of a female in love with someone incapable of knowing how to truely love. But your right, a wonderful heart will be blessed in time.

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