One by one

They see my enticing blue eyes.

One by one

They fall into line.


I carry on like a princess

Little do they know

Underneath my tiara

I am ruthless, I am callous, I am cold.


If only they'd open up their eyes

And see beneath the facade.


Each one believes

They can catch me.

Each one

Is wrong.


They reveal they've been enchanted

By my heart, mind and soul.

Soon enough they'll realise

It's only a spell.


So they wrap the fragile tape 

Around their heart

And keep a safe distance

Until I no longer haunt their minds.


Rose after rose,

I receive

And leave to die.


I suppose you could call me

A heartbreaker.






  • Christina8

    Wow this is great! Loved every line!

    • skyebellasario

      Thank you! This is one of my favourite poems that I've written!

    • Crimson_Sights

      A topic that is hard to capture the essence of is portrayed as a simple beauty.

      • skyebellasario

        Thanks for the fave! I tried my hardest with this write to sum up a heartbreaker

      • GreenFairy

        I like it!

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