Do you wake up in the middle of the night and think of me?
Do you wonder if we were together where our lives would be?
Are your dreams filled with all your hopes and dreams?
Or do you have nightmares that tear at your seams?
Do you close your eyes and invision us together or apart?
Are the words you say to me true, or were they a lie from the start?
When you look at your significant other what comes to mind?
Is it really her you see, maybe me, or is it undefined?
Are you really happy, or have things gone wrong?
Maybe you have tried to fix the cracks, but they can only hold for so long.
Would you be entertaining another person if you had all you need?
You make me feel worthy again, but I don't want to impede.
Is this the life you plan to live twenty years from now?
Or have your plans changed since you took that vow?
Are you with the person you know is the one?
Or over the years have things started to come undone?

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