The Darkness "No light"

Darkness Place 


I'm trapped in a small space I call "The Darkness Place". 

A place full of impersonators, criminals,liers, and "materials". 

It's lonely and driery. 

No one can hear me here in this place.  Yelling and screaming all my pain! 

Yet I feel as though no one will truly understand this type of pain.  

It's black very dark and all the beautiful colors are over powered by this ugly black darkness.  

If you notice me in this place,  " the darkness place"  give me some space. If you could truly feel this place you would only see it in my eyes hollow and numb.  

Becareful to get to close and you may become stuck here with me too.  

If you nearly look though you may be mistaken and feel as though you have just tried to read an empty book.  

Although I wish it was as simple as reading a book and know all the answers.  

But,  this place is dark and very hot! I feel as though I'm suffercating I'm about to hyperventilate! 

When I'm almost out of this place awful place, I will be pulled back for the more peace I seek I only seem to lose pieces to my personal puzzle of happiness. 

People here want to try and impersonate like they know my pain but,  they will know that they are the ones to truly blame. They can only judge me! 

The have nudged me and forced me into this space. I call the darkness place. 

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